Sustainability for BeautX is a value and a pillar for its business

It all starts from there ...

Have you just started your business or you do not know us from long?

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How are we different from the others?
We don't put our customers in competition with each other, but we help them to grow by making digitization their distinctive factor.

But we are doing much more ...

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We are conscious in using solutions that lower the environmental impact along all our value chain.

We offer our clients:


  • Green solutions: We use Data Centers with only 100% energy from renewable sources

  • Attention to resources: We are and we promote the paperless and plastic free culture


We are continuously committed to innovating products, services and relationship with our users.


We offer our customers:


  • Digitalisation: We are a company that looks to the future with optimism and makes digital evolution the key to change

  • Innovation: We develop and offer products and services that enhance the potential of the most innovative technologies

  • Transparency and reliability: we have no hidden costs and are always by your side


We have adhered to and created rules and organizational structures aimed at ensuring maximum safety.


We offer our customers:

  • Confidence: for us, it is a fundamental asset in both business and personal relationships;

  • Privacy: data protection is a primary value that involves the entire company.

It is not enough ...

Customers are our big heart. So, as evidence of the absolute attention that we have towards them, we decided to create the
service card

And if you also believe in our values...

Join the BeautX team

It is not yet over ...

In 2020 we will develop a tool to create a sustainability ranking of our customers and... the most promising will win fantastic prizes!

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